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An Innovation led environmental, energy engineering group and sustainable power asset developer our objective is to establish OK Hydrogen as a market leader as a supplier and distributor of innovative hydrogen energy, clean fuel delivery and power productivity solutions:

Clean Energy Fuels - Fuel Cell Systems - Electrolysers - Energy Storage - Power Plants - Fuel Stations

OK Hydrogen works closely with our JV, lead technology and innovation partners to develop and design an empowering range of reliable, safe and efficient clean energy / hydrogen fuel delivery systems and plant. OK Hydrogen provides customised facilities, clean energy and hydrogen on demand solutions for the industrial and commercial power (utility), renewable energy and mobility sectors... 

...Together We Work Towards A Clean, Sustainable Future


Power Asset Management | Sustainable Development OK Hydrogen leverages an empowering combination of sector talent, skilled engineers and technological resources to deliver value to regional authorities and our industrial and commercial clients, through the provision of low carbon clean fuel and power productivity solutions

Feasability We consult with our clients to establish which systems, solutions and facilities are best suited to service their clean energy, power storage and hydrogen fuel requirements, We provide efficient scalable systems and plant to serve a designated purpose, region or catchment area; catering for either, part of, or all of your on demand power and clean fuel needs

Integration, Productivity & ROI  We submit detailed assessments, estimates and plans for your consideration.

Engineering Services  Our turnkey engineering and sustainable development solutions cover: consultation, design & build, project delivery, safety and training

O&M OK Hydrogen 24 Hour monitoring services and system control - operational support & maintenance services

Infrastructure and Project Finance We look to assist our clients gain financial / funding support for projects

Strategic Partnerships: R&D and Innovation - JV's, consortia building, technology commercialization, collaborative projects, trials and pilots









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Hydrogen Infrastructure Development, Waste Management & Power to Grid: OK Hydrogen Offers Build, Own, Operate (BOO, BOOT) Solutions for Governments, Regional and Local Authorities.
OK Hydrogen Looks to Develop, Market and Distribute Hydrogen Fuel and Specialty Gas Products Derived from Fuel Stations, EFW, Waste to Fuel, Bio Hydrogen and Hydrogen Rich Syngas Powered Plants to the Aviation, Mobility Fuel Sector and for Industrial and Commercial Application

OK Plasma Power


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